Surface treatment

Steel surfaces

The individual steel units have been sandblasted and then treated with a rust prevention coating of 15-20 µ zinc primer. After assembly of the units in the engineering workshop, the pre-treatment was repaired along all seams.

When the steel construction had been assembled and all seams completed, there were further repairs to the pre-treatment prior to the final treatment. The final treatment consists of at least 30 µ epoxy-polyurethane or acrylic, three coats being applied to all exterior and interior surfaces. The steel columns were similarily treated prior to being erected.

The surface treatment has a maximum lifespan of 15-20 years, provided that any damage is repaired completely and promptly.

Gas flame

The technical specifications for the gas flame are contained in the report from Naturgas Midt-Nord, which has made technical calculations in respect of gas and safety.